Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

This year I also decorated my book shelves &
Behiye wishes you all the very best in 2010!

We are having a very strange winter. The weather has been quite warm and all the trees are wondering if Spring is here. One of them is my lilac bush.  They had a bloom in the middle of December last. But the flowers are not the typical known shape, rather rounded.

The weather today is very windy but warm and sunny. So I decided to take some pictures from the garden while welcoming the new year :)

The big citrus tree and the fruits (they make great jam)

The lemons




We also have lime and tangerine but the lime is too young to have fruits and we ate all the tangerines, so no pictures :)


Ox Eye


And finally, the last finish of 2009 ... Made with  Himalaya Perlina ( %50 cotton %50 acrylic ) yarn. I had intended to knit a wonderful pattern "Ilga's Socks" but failed due to wrong choice of yarn. This particular yarn, which I was very pleased with, was not the best choice to use for the mentioned multi-colour pattern. So, ended up knitting with stripes. I may in future, look into stitching patterns on them!

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