Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An appendix to the Pantokrator mentioned in my previous post, Zeyrekhane has been renovated and serves as a restaurant & cafe with delicious selections of the Turkish Cuisine.

I had the priviledge to visit and eat in this remarkable atmosphere surrounded with heavy history and mysticism ...

Some snapshots from my visit ... An unforgettable memory, a boon granted to me by my Nino!

The place is decorated with samples of Ottoman embroidery, caligraphy and objects gathered from all around Anatolia.

With my Nino :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A daily ritual since centuries ... Two glorious monuments over the hills of Golden Horn :

Süleymaniye salutes Παντοκράτορος

While in Istanbul, the ever fascinating Istanbul, my Nino took me to Zeyrekhane ( my snapshots to follow ) right beside the amazing Pantokrator Monastery built by Eirene Komnena (daughter of Laszlo - Ladislas - The King of Hungaria), the Byzantine Empress - wife of Emperor John II Komnenos. An invincible beauty of almost 900 years of age.

Leaning to Pantokrator, and facing towards the Golden Horn, one sees the Süleymaniye Mosque rising with its mighty built by قوجو معمار سنان آغا on the order of the sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent and dates back to 1558.

More photos of Pantokratos and Süleymaniye ...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rebirth of a tree, Pistacia Terebinthus

I wanted to do this since we built our house ... Seven years ago! I have taken daily pictures of the tree for a little over three weeks ... This tree is right in front of our entrance with her spectacular poise. It will get even greener and would look even bigger once her neighbouring male joins her with its foliation. I made a summary of the growth to-date. She is huge, probably aging over a hundred years now :) We have over ten from this same species of which two are estimated to be of 300-400 years old!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I want to share some beautiful details from a wonderful setting, in a way a little spot turned into heaven by my dear friend Helga ... We were there last Tuesday ... Souvenirs from an unforgettable Spring afternoon!

Beauty is hidden in details :)

And finally ... Helga :)