Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Estonian Lace

Here is the mohair shawl-scarf I knitted for mom. Those familiar with Estonian lace would know of nupps. A nupp is a bobble-like feature used in many Estonian lace patterns. However, I had great difficulty succeeding to knit the nupps with mohair so switched to classic bobbles. I only used the bobbles for the edging pattern and then used them for the first motif round at the main body, then used beads (size 9) instead for the succeeding three motif rounds and knitted the rest of the body plain.

I used two different patterns from the book Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush. The edging pattern is from the Crown Prince Square Shawl and the main pattern of Peacock Tail & Leaf Scarf. Thus, calling my version Prince Peacock Scarf :)

Mohair in my opinion so far, is the most difficult yarn to knit. I personally would never ever again use so fine mohair with complicated patterns. Close to impossible to undo if you've knitted wrong especially a few rows. Mohair tangles up easily and needs a lot of patience to unravel.

Beads could be seen below ...

Edging from : Crown Prince Square Shawl

Body from : Peacock Tail & Leaf Scarf

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have not seen this done before ... It is weaving, infact re-weaving without a loom ... It is needle weaving. Just the thread, the needle and a thickly woven fabric, something like evenweave. My inspiration comes from darning.

A few pictures to give the idea ... I have cut a 15 cm square fabric. Pulled out one, only one warp or weft thread. Re-weaved the gap with variegated thread. In this case DMC Coton Perle and # 5 and Watercolours by Caron Collection ... Once the re-weaving is done, pulled out the next thread beside, re-weave ... This really is a stress-relief. Plus no need to follow a graph. Take it anywhere or do it while watching tv.  Shall be giving it a try with silk too :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Chez Frank :)

After another wonderful day with our dear friend Frank in his stupendous home and garden, some snapshots to immortalize the precious moments spent :) Frank is a great cook and gourmet ... Another unforgetable day unfortunately over but with great memories ...


This is what I call a most pleasant "surprise" ... When I was at the post office, I had no idea where the little box came from. I did not have my glasses on but instantly knew the sender when I saw the beauty. My sweet dear friend Irina of Mishutka Design made me a wonderful gift with this Russian hand-painted Zhostovo brooch.

I love it!
Thank you dorogaja Irina :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Grapes ...

... for a friend. Managed to finish this quite small cross stitch for the "farewell to 2009" party tomorrow in a wonderful settlement. It is for my friend who makes his own wine so I thought stitching grapes would make a good gift. On 28 ct evenweave, one over one ... The stitched area is a 5 cm (2 inches) square.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stained Glass

I want to start my new blog with my recent finds from one of the Christmas & New Year bazaars held over the peninsula. They are necklaces by a great stained glass (vitraille) artist Işık Sobutay. She used metal pieces, oya lace and the little vitrailles on leather strings. I have made my version by buying a few which now decorates one of my windows.