Saturday, February 06, 2010

I had long wanted to attend a workshop where ladies bring their handwork along and gather every week on Friday. The hostess Güzide, in the meantime trains those who want to learn patchwork and I was one of the two!

Below is my first piece which is done with scrap cotton fabric, so the colours are not in their best of harmony :)


This morning I had a wonderful surprise gift from Austria. Some very different lace/embroidery that I do not remember seeing before, especially the colourful and darker ones.


And was able to clean all the dangling yarn at the back of my Grün ist die Hoffnung last night across tv and even had time to sew a few mother-of-pearl buttons before falling asleep. Still could not look into what crochet edging I shall use and more importantly, if I shall ever be able to succeed! The edging will be of the colour at the centre; mold green!

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