Monday, February 22, 2010

Meet Gönül Paksoy

From the book Timeless Simplicity by RHM ...

... As to Gönül Paksoy designs, if you are wearing one, you will be singled out as the bearer of a work of art. Her designs are the harmonious reflection of the past and the future. Paksoy uses old or new handwoven textiles, always of Turkish origin and dyed with natural colours in special combinations, and these combinations have a way of enfolding you, of carrying you away, of making you feel nearer to your roots, your culture. ...

Known in the globe more than her own country!

"In Timeless Simplicity, my aim was definitely to make simplicity timeless, that is outside the boundaries of time. Instead of racing against time, I could thus interpret the past, the present and the future together, rendering them timeless."

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