Monday, February 08, 2010

Raw Silk Fabric

BLISS ... Received the pure raw silk fabric, hand-spun and hand-woven fresh from the centuries old Anatolian looms. Undyed and the natural colour is very close to DMC 613 ... While preparing to upload the picture to this blog, the second good news arrived. I received a phone call from the post office that they had a parcel whispering my name :) The whisperers were the Waterlilies of Caron Collection.

The raw silk fabric is a delight for any stitcher. I shall look into taking orders and supplying for international stitchers. It is woven like the linens that we pay zillions, soft and a wonderful sheen to it ... I tried measuring a gauge and it is 18 warps and wefts to an inch. So exciting!

And the third goody of the day is a wonderful book, a catalogue of the Bavarian National Museum on Samplers, "Kataloge des Bayerischen Nationalmuseums - Stickmustertücher". This publication was not known to me until I saw it on the web with its bargain price. I do not speak German so to understand what it exactly is, I googled to see that it is an out-of-print book and the available copies go up to EUR 120 and beyond ... Surely, I jumped on the offer which, as I said, was a great bargain price :)

Result of a recent search and cannot possibly imagine anyone paying so much for a catalogue. Indeed a nice source but with loads of black & white pictures. Well ... Whatever !!! I have my "mint" baby in my hands :)

P.S. Managed to find a simple crochet edging for my Grün ist die Hoffnung and am looking forward to post a picture once I manage to crochet a few inches :)

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