Thursday, February 04, 2010

Today I shall confess another neglected project of mine; antique style beaded coin purse ... The DPNS are US 4/0 and that converts to 1.25 mm. Thread used is DMC Pearl Cotton Size 8 and the beads are 11/0 rocailles (2.1 mm diameter round seed beads) ... I probably sound very familiar with the terminology but hey, let me not fool you again ... It took me days and days of surfing and reading to understand what they all meant :) Once the baggy basement as you see in the picture below is completed (which already is), I was planning to continue with crochet but it did not take too long to realize that colour black will be too difficult for my eyes especially with crochet. Instead, I shall continue knitting the rest of it. This is my very first project. As you would see again in the picture, there is one more spool threaded with beads and those beads are threaded in such a sequence that, once knitted in the round, the right beads will overlap on each row to form the wreath pattern which should place itself at the centre of the purse! I am not very hopeful but as I said, I shall aim to making it possible :)

Once finished, it is supposed to look like this purse below shapewise but with a pearl wreath over shiny dark grey (very much like black pearls) beaded background. Well, as I said, I shall do my best to work it out :)

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