Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A daily ritual since centuries ... Two glorious monuments over the hills of Golden Horn :

Süleymaniye salutes Παντοκράτορος

While in Istanbul, the ever fascinating Istanbul, my Nino took me to Zeyrekhane ( my snapshots to follow ) right beside the amazing Pantokrator Monastery built by Eirene Komnena (daughter of Laszlo - Ladislas - The King of Hungaria), the Byzantine Empress - wife of Emperor John II Komnenos. An invincible beauty of almost 900 years of age.

Leaning to Pantokrator, and facing towards the Golden Horn, one sees the Süleymaniye Mosque rising with its mighty built by قوجو معمار سنان آغا on the order of the sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent and dates back to 1558.

More photos of Pantokratos and Süleymaniye ...

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Walfrida said...

Santa Sophia .... is in my wish list to see before die!!!
Thank you my dear Sat:-) ...