Monday, March 01, 2010

Floral Messages

An embroidered Ottoman towel or sash that recently joined my little collection. Obviously the plain linen central body of the garment has worn out or damaged that the embroidered edges seem to have been sewn together.

Taking this opportunity, I want to introduce an out-of-print book by Ulla Ther on Ottoman embroideries though the translated version reads Turkish Embroideries. My knowledge is that Ulla Ther is the spouse of a German professor who was appointed to a lycee in Istanbul in the 60s and she was collecting Ottoman embroideries as a passtime! It was end October of 2009 that the wonderful collection was auctioned. I was lucky to be there to see them in person and no picture can ever do them just. The auction was organized by Alif Art in Istanbul and they are very generous to share all the pictures of their auction items online.

Sometimes wishes come true very soon. When admiring the collection, deep in me I was feeling sad that they would all fall apart once bought by many individuals but was delighted to learn later that the whole collection was bought as one lot by "I don't know who" ... My wish had come true ... And so very soon :)

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