Friday, March 19, 2010

I finally managed to sort all the books in our storage for the "fundraising book sale" to neuter the stray animals over the Bodrum Peninsula.

Happy will be Linda (the organizing lady) but happier is my husband cause now he has more space for his hobby :)

Ready to hit the road tomorrow :)

When I was visiting Holland towards end of 2008, I had met a lovely lady called Nolda. Nolda is a designer and was very generous to prepare a pattern for a friend of hers who needed the logo for the popular turkish football team "Galatasaray" ... Nolda was sweet to also share it with me. I totally dislike football and am very lucky that my husband has no interest in it either. It was Nolda's idea that I could post the pattern here if it may be of interest to local readers. Please pay a visit to her page "Aaron Art" to see her designs! Greetings to Holland and many thanks to you dear Nolda :)

Click HERE to get the cross stitch chart!

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Lavanta Bahçesi said...

Thnx for the chart ;) will be a great gift idea for my bro ;)