Sunday, March 21, 2010

A week-end treat and a place worth mentioning ...

Mustafa Paşa Tower, now "adaev" in Ortakent, only three minutes drive from my home. Adaev, built in 1602, is a tower house that successfully survived the centuries. It had been used as a watch tower and a house to a local authority, Mustafa Pasha.

The tower with its 80 cm wide massive stone walls is one of the best architectural examples of the Bodrum Peninsula now used as a one-room hotel.

We dined and wined at the appendix the "adasofra" restaurant last night and had a spontaneous but most enjoyful evening with friends.

If you ever get close to this geography, a must to see ... Exceptional !!!

I thought these were "capers" ... They are slightly bigger and a delicious first of my life; tiny olives!

A detail from the loo :)

And the passage to kitchen!

Most probably a "STOP" sign from the Ottoman Istanbul decorating one of the walls!

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