Friday, March 12, 2010

Yesterday to me was what Disneyland is to a child ... Bettina had wanted me to meet a visiting friend of hers who is in Bodrum for a few weeks and we had agreed to have lunch chez moi! The lady is Halina Judith Schmitz who, at her youth, was trained with all sorts of embroidery techniques and now is a patchwork expert organizing workshops back in Germany. Halina is a treasure and I am so very happy to have met her and surely thankful to dear Bettina for making this possible :) Every discussion meant learning something new ... I am looking forward to the day we may meet again!


Halina also enjoys cross stitch and had this lovely project which is an interpretation from a very old quilt, the Jane A. Stickle's Civil War Era Blocks - 1863 ... More information can be found at "Dear Jane" by Brenda Manges Papadakis.

Photograph by Ken Burris, Shelburne, VT
Courtesy of the Bennington Museum and the Vermont Quilt Festival

Time flies even faster when you are having fun. So the rule sadly did not change again. I only hope that Bettina and Halina enjoyed their day as much as I did :)

It was also arranged last week that another friend of mine, a dear friend Tomurcuk would come after work to learn to knit with DPNS for the first time. And another reason to call the day a "joy" :) 

I first want to share a couple pictures of her recent knitting project from left-over yarns of all sorts ...

Tomurcuk is a great student and learns real fast ... I have no other comments and leave you with the pictures of the progress :) Your particular attention to mimics and hand movements :)))

And the finaaaaal ... Ave, Ave ... Contentment !!!

I still have tears in my eyes even now that I have seen the pictures over and over and this has been the most fun blog posts ever! Bless you my dear friend :)

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tommy said...

Bah bacum bu ikinic mesacım sana andaval makine beni attı dısarı baçleycem diyom sana gebeyim diyon sana..... Seninle geçirdigmiz tüm keyifli anlara çok ama çok tesekkür ediyom diyom sana. Ellerine göslerine ve emegine saglık. Bulusuncaya dek a bien tôt. mille merci hasbiyeeee. Pörtinken, sevingen, gittingen