Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I very much support the act "to expose" if a trader is not correct ... But then, I also fully support "to expose" any trader who performs a great job and deserves every penny spent!

This lovely little package was in my PO Box yesterday :)

And it bore the two petite vintage tea-strainers :)

The two tea-strainers now joined their new family :)

The two tea-stainers were purchased from an Etsy shop and I was very fond with seller's communication so, she gets to be "exposed" :)

Shop with confidence at her shop and here is Liane's Etsy : CLICK

My booty of the flea market last Sunday

A vintage brass bowl, that was used for dripping/pouring water in a Turkish bath, thus a "bath bowl"; 

A couple vintage massive ebony candle holders :)

And a lovely cotton scarf from India :)

Progress on my hand-sewn dress so far!


Lavanta Bahçesi said...

I do love vintage copper and brass items :) And dear Pelin what a perfect collection is this! tea-strainers such a good idea! Looking forward to see new pieces of you collection ;)

Love Love Love

Liane said...

Aw, aren't you sweet! And I love the whole collection. Exactly what I imagined these tea-strainers might join. It was meant to be. xo Liane