Thursday, April 22, 2010

I want to make myself a nice, airy outfit for the hot hot summers here. I will use a handwoven cotton-linen fabric with a bit of sheen into it. I do not know the origin of this fabric, it is somewhere from Turkey and the width is 47 cm ( 18.5" ) with loads of colours to choose from. My fabric has been waiting for my attention for a while now and the colours is a nice khaki.

I tried to neatly hem the sides to join and will have to stitch two equal sizes (due to narrow width) together for both the front and back.

I have planned an all-oblong shape, something like a kimono, something that does not need a pattern. The arms and the body will not have any curves, just plain straight stitching to join the pieces. And once all the body is stitched, I will fold the piece from the centre and that is where I shall be cutting a hole for the collar :) ... Joining the arms could be pre or post collar activity!

I will do it by handstitching, I do not have a sewing machine and I looked into some decorative stitches to join the seams and chose Raised Chain Band for my project.

I have made a small change with the stitch though. As you'd observe with the video tutorial, instead of coming out right beneath the first straight stitch bar, I come out from the opposite side which will make a diagonal line under thus reinforcing the seam.

This will be a first in my crafty life and this project may end up being a "dust rag" but hey, so what!?

BTW Jude ... If you are reading this post, I was in the country yesterday visiting a nice lady with a farm who took me around and I saw this lovely white feather from one of her geese and surely thought of you :) Seems you have more influence on people than just being a pioneer in their crafty life!

Some snapshots from the farm; typical and universal!

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Jeana Marie said...

The fabric looks very lovely, and such beautiful green.