Sunday, April 11, 2010

OK ... My only relation with patchwork is the two separate courses I took from two different ladies of two different nationalities this year. I really do not think I am a patchwork girl. However, today I was in the mood to give it a try with what I have been accumulating seeing samples here and there. I must confess, a major catalyst within me, the biggest in this venture, is Jude ... I guess she managed to capture the child in me too :) I should neither forget to mention Jeana Marie ... Ladies, I bow with high admiration infront of your talent and your creativity!

This is what I did ... I made 1.5 cm wide strip patches with the cotton fabrics available at home. I had the idea to weave them as I had seen Jude do; and to do so, I realized I needed a styrofoam to be able to pin them so they do not make life hell by moving around. All I could find was a thin sponge which also did the job.

Then I removed the strips one at a time from the sponge while pinning (I hope I am using the right terminology) the coinciding pieces.

The reverse :)

This is what I achieved so far and it is already passed 5 p.m. my time (that is GMT +2). I intend to continue and sew the woven patches and I want to use a variegated thread from my stash if I could find one that matches the fabrics' colours :) Hasta luego!

A little after 7 p.m. ... Managed to finish it today ... Used silk thread ... Yellow. The patch of patches is roughly a 14 cm square once the extras are cut off. I must confess I enjoyed this. However, my middle finger is not very happy. I tried using a thimble but spent most of my time chasing it. Could not possibly keep it on my finger. Instead, managed to give a different angle to my needle and that helped :) And my sweet little entrelac patchwork will eventually find its niche in life! I love the primitive look of it. Looks like the child's first drawing :)

Most probably "to be continued" ...


Lavanta Bahçesi said...

gayet iyi gözüküyor ;)

Jeana Marie said...

Thank you so very much for saying such kind things about me, I feel so honoured to be included next to jude, she is such an inspiration to me! I think your woven patchwork is looking lovely and very sweet. Good idea using the sponge for support too.

jude said...

ha! you caught the quilt weaving fever!

woven patches said...

This weaving of yours really is awesome. I commend you for that. The fabric and prints are all so nice.