Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Please donate a few seconds from your day!

I learnt of this through another blogger and am seeking your support ... Nature and animals do not have borders nor nationalities, so please sign and forward to friends and family ... THANK YOU!

J'ai appris cette info par un autre blogueur et je sollicite votre support ... Nature et les animaux n'ont pas des frontieres, ni nationalites, donc SVP signer pour les dauphins et transmettez a vos amis et la famille ... MERCI!

Did you know that swimming with dolphins is one of the cruelest acts a person can commit? You probably do, since everyone has heard about The Cove. We have a petition against the construction of a new dolphin park (aka dolphin torture camp) in southern Turkey. It is being built as a tourist attraction, so it would be tremendous help if you guys could sign it right here. You don't have to be Turkish to sign it. Scroll down for the English text and the petition form. Once you have your name and e-mail entered, if non-national, please leave "OTHER COUNTRIES" in the second box and please do not forget to type in 123456 to the third box.

If you can handle, here is just a taste of where dolphins come from.

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Put at my blog too .... I already sign in .... number 2470
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