Friday, May 07, 2010

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To give you an idea as to where the latest free pattern comes from, I want to post pictures of the lovely doily / runner from possibly late 19th or early 20th Century ... The origin is France and it is a beautiful combination of filet (net) lace and richelieu!

When I bought it, it had a nice companion and here they are for your perusal :)

I do not yet know the technique of the joining lace. May be reticello or point coupé! Bobbin lace?

And here is another beautiful filet lace in my possession :)



... filet lace making is a cure for nervous prostration? The New York Times, March 1st, 1914

Many Women of Fashion Learn the Art on Physicians' Advice Did you ever hear of Filet Lace making as a cure for nervous prostration? It is!

A famous maker of 'real lace', who supplies wedding veils and bridal caps to many of the country's prominent brides, and whose corps of assistants give lessons in all the latest stitches to women just as enthusiastic to learn them as they are to learn the latest steps of the newest dances, says that the curing of nerves is one of her regular occupations. Many women come to her to take up Filet Lace making on the recommendation of their physicians; and if they stick conscientiously to this diversion they almost always find relief.

It is the steady, monotonous work, both for the mind and the fingers, coupled with the fact that the attention is concentrated pleasantly on the working out of a given pattern, that makes Filet Lace making valuable as a nerve cure.

So much for the therapeutic value of Filet Lace making. It has another value that appeals to womankind. For this beautiful lace, used so lavishly on the wonderful pieces of household linen that the best shops show, can be made at comparatively small expense. And the work is neither very difficult nor very tedious.

Le Filet Brodé, a free digital download from The University of Arizona (French text)

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