Sunday, May 02, 2010

These ain't balloons ...

... but naturally dyed wool for carpet weaving!

From our picnic trip with my friend to a nearby small town yesterday. I was very lucky to discover these wonders while looking for a spindle. Managed to convince the lady (from a weaving workshop built within their residence) to sell me a few balls. These are hand-dyed, hand-spun wool which were prepared to be used in one of the regional handwoven carpets. But as it appears, as many traditional crafts in Anatolia, it will remain a hibernating dream for a long while until newer generations take a step to rivatilize the tradition! The elderly lady had them stored in a deep corner of her supplies/storage for some years and has decided to share them with us prior our departure. As it seems, she may never get a chance to use them due to health problems on one of her shoulders!

I was also very lucky that she had a spindle for sale and she even performed a short course as to how to use the wooden spike.

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