Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yesterday was dedicated to organizing my dear samplers which were randomly placed in the drawers thus, taking more space than they normally should. Again, it was big pleasure to reunite with my old, my very darling old silent witnesses of many souls bygone now. Gently touching them, feeling their warmth and definitely their strength.

I had not realized I had so many now and have been thinking, will come a time when I shall hand them over to their new home. Yes, I made a decision : they will all serve a good cause. The cause will be for neglected or abused animals ... Or animals in need in general here at home or abroad.

Anybody with ideas, please let me know. I am open to any fundraising that may be allocated to animals generally in need.

Did not know I had so many!


Esin Atabeyli said...

Pelin, please don't rush into ideas. This needs a lot of thinking and organizing before you decide what type of fundraising will serve you the most in terms of getting the maximum benefit for the cause and of course how it is going to be spent and by whom..In short you have to know the expenditure plan for the raised monies before hand and have some kind of a control over it to see if the spendings comply with the plan..anyway we will talk more about it.. Good luck and bright ideas....
And one more shold'nt be selling your collection of samplers to raise the money instead find a way to raise the money through them.

lisa said...

I can't think of a more beautiful idea, but I do agree it needs some thought as I am sure you wil give it. In my mind the most important
thing is associating yourself with a really good reputable group and building a relationship with them.
Do you have any such group in Turkey? Love and good luck, lisa