Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I thought this to be a quite interesting way of presenting and preserving a darning sampler. Surely, there is no way I could know if this was done by its owner or later by one of the family members. May be this is very normal to a German lady and is mundane. Nevertheless, of all the zillion samplers, I have not yet seen one like this. It is sewn into a form of envelop and the bearer had something in mind to place in it. The wrapped width is only 22 cm, so it cannot be meant for lingerie. May be to place a hand-written note to the dear one, who knows!

I want to preserve it as is but, using my simple picture software flavoured with determined patience, managed to cut & paste the corners along with the central bit, made the necessary rotations, retouches ... And voila, this is how it should look if the pompom was to be removed and the linen ironed flat :)

Not well visible from the pictures above but there are five different darning samples and here are the close-ups :


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stitchenmylifeaway said...

Could it have been used to hold ladies handkerchiefs or perhaps nice dinner napkins? If they were folded would they fit?