Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sun of a Strawberry

This is what I want to call today's activity ... Making jam with sun! Sun jam is a memory from my childhood ... I had first seen it done in a little town on the Mediterranean coast. It was surprising to see  people leaving their jam jars outside, in the sun. I later learn that this was how they prepared their jam. Their favourates were cherry and peach ... I shall use strawberries!

Drain and add sugar. Normally, the ratio is 1:1 ... That means, if you have 1 kg of fruits, you will need 1 kg of sugar. I use much lesser sugar!

Place it on very low heat until sugar melts ... Remove! Poor into a glass jar ... Add a couple lemon salt (citric acid) flakes as a preservative; cover with a clean muslin and wrap tightly.

Keep in the sun for about 30 days. Next project will hopefully be : sun of a peach :)


Walfrida said...

I want a bit !!!

Edy said...

As one who has to watch my sugar, what is your proportion of fruit to sugar. A one to one ratio would be WAY too much for me!