Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Dyeing !!!

It all started with a surprise gift from Marie-Louise, a dear friend in Belgium, an out-of-print book on samplers accompanied with a few metres of hand-dyed silk floss.


I had long wanted to experiment dyeing fibre and this beautiful, shiny little string triggered the neglected appetite of mine :) I was lucky to find a few powder colour dyes and bought two ( Khaki and Jean Blue ) while in town and zoomed home for the very first and curious journey of dyeing! The result - in my opinion - was glorious :)

The second trial was with one of the powder dyes that I had since 30 years that I had used for my batik then. I chose colour red to go with the blue above but was not very happy with the combination and re-dyed the reds by pouring the same blue over and the result was rewarding :) I thought I would get a nice purple hue but to my surprise it was a beautiful shade of brown!

And a nice view of the three musketeers :)

With the uncontrollable speed of enthusiasm, I dyed the white muslin dress that I have been wearing all summer long ... I was very much impressed with the result and especially happy to see that my new dress went very well with the Indian scarf that I had bought years and years ago and had embroidered the edges with beads myself then :)

You see, I have been quite busy despite the unbearable heat here ... My dyeing adventure continues with one last project and that is dyeing with Tang though not much of colour choices/flavours here ... We do not have Kool Aid here and I was curious to see the result with edible dyes! Got cherry, peach and orange. Peach and orange turned out to be very close in colour. I used Pure by the Knit Box, a luxurious 100% pure blend of Turkish 80% merino and 20% mohair :)

By the way, the Knit Box will have a stand at the " I Knit Weekender " in London ... Figen dear, I would have loved to be there with you!


Walfrida said...

Dear Sat:-)
Like very much the mix of the colors .... but I really like do experience like this too ..... maybe when the summer comes here I´ll try too!!!
Big kiss!!

Edy said...

I'm drooling over those luscious colors...they are beautiful!

DUSTY said...

Your dying is gorgeous !!! I love the colors !!! I didn't know that you could use Kool Aid, I will have to give it a try.

KB Knitting said...

Pelin, I don't know whether to look at the yarn itself of simply enjoy your beautiful photography! Thanks for telling me you posted this; I'm not very 'online' at the moment.
All of the dyed yarn is breathtaking, and what you've done with the Tang is just mindblowing. I love how it's come out.
Thank you also for the little plug :) The show I'm attending is actually the I Knit Weekender and I think the link is http://www.iknit.org.uk
When I come back I'm going to try out the same thing :)

celle qui rêve said...

Magnifique Pelin ! Je suis sous le charme de ta teinture de laine. Mais les fils sont très beaux aussi. Ce qu'il y a de bien avec les teintures, c'est qu'on a toujours des surprises, souvent bonnes !
J'ai trouvé quelques fils Caron en France, les autres que j'ai commandés sont arrivés en France après mon retour en Turquie;. Je les trouverais l'été prochain.
Merci de tes visites sur mon blog.