Thursday, September 09, 2010

Dying to Dye :)

Once the bug is in you, dyeing seems to be quite addictive. The pink fabric is a worn silk pyjama which I retained from a visiting friend who was preparing to throw away! I was going to recycle it into a silk yarn but decided to use it in my new medley; the cotton muslin and the silk duet. Adding a bit of cotton and silk thread into this khaki adventure was a very good idea :)  

I love the "trial & error" trip ... While still in dye solution, I observed that the silk pyjama had a different hue to khaki which led me to think that it must have been due to the "pink" factor! However, once they all were rinsed and dried, I now know that it is due to the "cotton versus silk" factor! 

They all were in the same bath but silk had a different variation of the colour than the cotton. Most likely one being a plant fibre and the other being an animal fibre! 

As to what I may end up doing with this crowd, is still unknown!


Walfrida said...

Dear Sat:-),
Love the colors ... but the blue at the lace .... is wonderful ... This bug want catch me ... but for a while I am must still strong ... have some projects to finish and 1 for start!!! LoL!!!

celle qui rêve said...

J'aime beaucoup ce petit jeu de teinture et la surprise au bout ;o))

evcilik said...

Harika bir dokunuşla en sevdiğim turkuazlara dönüşmüş..
ellerine sağlık..
şeker bayramınız kutlu olsun..

Anonymous said...

Dear Pelin:
Lovely, lovely, LOVELY! Looking forward to seeing what you'd do with this ;-)

The Blissful Banter of a Creative Crafter said...

Thanks for that! It was so intersting to see how all of those different fibers dye in the same bath. The silk thread was lovely!

iNdi@na said...

as you observed, protein and cellulose fibres can respond very differently in the dyebath

St John's wort dye shows this brilliantly, yellow on cotton and maroon on wool in the same dyebath, without mordants