Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday Trio

Vitex Agnus-Castus ~ Walnut Husk ~ Onion Skin

Spent all afternoon dyeing the wool yarn with available naturals in a farm near-by owned by a friend. I now have a nice book on natural dyeing but did not get to read to see the essentials so with my friend's encouragement, we did "all naturals" on wood fire ... No mordant, no salt, no vinegar!

Cloudy day here and my sweeties are drying indoors. Below picture taken while the yarn is still wet, so I expect them to be a bit paler! The yarn used again is PURE by the Knitbox :)

BTW, I want to thank Chantal who thought me how to make the mosaic pictures!


Walfrida said...

Love the colors .... fall colors ....
You turn out a professional Dyeing !!
Bravo!!Wish live near you ... to share all this experience!!!!! :-)

celle qui rêve said...

Pelin, tu te débrouilles comme une chef avec les mosaïques. Et bravo aussi pour les teintures. Ces couleurs naturelles sont magnifiques.