Monday, November 01, 2010


This delightful old pattern was probably designed for a lace weight yarn to add romance to a shawl or stole but I am using a worsted weight yarn which makes the width 20 cm ( 8" ) and far being from romantic. I was not expecting the width to be that wide but this will not stop my me :) OK ... The plan is to knit it enough long until it makes the lower edge of a cardigan, surrounding the periphery of my butt :) So, imagine it horizontal on which I shall be knitting the upper part of the project and am also planning to add another edging at the bottom to make it even more complex :)

Below is the swatch I knitted for the upper part of the cardigan. I still need to decide the lower edging which should be a narrower pattern. Or may be just do something with the crochet. We'll see! Shall definitely inform of the progress :)

I have started another knitting project to keep me awake while watching TV and to dissolve the immense but colourful acrylic yarn stash. However, I cannot yet provide you with a picture cause it is some 350 stitches and I was only able to knit a few rows :( Will share that as soon as it starts looking handsome :)


celle qui rêve said...

Je n'ai rien compris, mon anglais est trop nul ! j'attends les photos du cardigan terminé. Les points de feuille sont très jolis. Je rêve de me remettre au tricot, mais n'arrive pas à me décider. Bises.

serpil said...

Üstteki somon rengi olana ba-yıl-dım :) Sanıyorum onun adı 'yılan güle sarıldı' :) Yani yaşlılar örerken öyle bir isim söylediklerini hatırlıyorum.