Thursday, March 20, 2014

Überlieferte Strickmuster

Überlieferte Strickmuster aus dem Steirischen Ennstal (originally a series of three booklets) translates as Traditional Patterns and Garments from the Styrian Enns Valley (in Austria) and is amalgamated into one volume printed in English : Twisted-Stitch Knitting.

In November 2010, I had started THIS project and knitted all the way to THIS, until it was completely deserted for three years :(

It was not a difficult decision to unravel the whole thing into various pink balls and make a new start.

Twisted-stitch knit is more comfortable in the round but can also be knitted flat (was too tiring and complicated for me as a beginner). 

There are 174 patterns in the book(s) ... I improvised mine and am using DPNs, knitting my sweater in the round.


miek said...

you use a beautiful color of yarn (your socks also).
have you ever thought of using circular needles?
i think you must be very careful with those stitches on the needles?
but the work turns out very good,it is exactly as the pattern in the book.
(all your pattern works)
greetings miek

Pelin Tezer said...

Hi Miek. Thanks for the suggestion. I do have circular needles but not in all sizes. I seem to have well adjusted to DPNs, I hardly drop stitches. Did give a try to that magic loop a couple weeks ago; much better than struggling with DPNs. Shall be practicing more. Thanks

Pelin Tezer said...

Oh Miek ... By the way, I made my own long DPNs. Bought bamboo needles, removed the end bits and sharpened them. And ta-ta-taaa :)