Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Having dissolved most of the hibernating projects, managed to pile up more. Just can't stick to one project for long, while my mind is full of new adventures. Very flighty of me!

I'd call myself an intermediate knitter. However, recently I have dived into modifying patterns or coming up with ideas. These ideas are from what has already been discovered, tried and true but that I use them in a different way.

One of them is a toe-up sock with Turkish cast on. I shall talk about the detail later when I proceed with what I got inspired to form the heel. There will not be a second pair. Just this one. The demo sock :)

The other recent goody is a wrist warmer. Again I used an existing pattern but modified it significantly. Luckily, I have a nice friend who appreciates my little adventures which gears me up to finish rather than drop them aside until next century or so.

These are some attempts for the edging. I ended up modifying and using a ruffle but these antique knitting designs were enjoyable to play around. They were quite big though I used lace-weight yarn. Thus dropped.

This is the coquette I talk about. The cat too is coquette :)

And ta-ta-taaa ... Off to knitting the other pair!

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