Thursday, March 26, 2015

Just saw this hanging behind the door now and realized forgot to mention this wrap if I may call it. It was knitted some time between the berets.

Besides increasing stitches, I think I had used about four bigger size needles.


Wal D'Champs said...

My dear,

I missed you and our conversations .... but I am happy for you are well. Love your knit work. How are Cem, Frida and cats? ... I don´t know if you look at my blog .... but I moved out to Rio de Janeiro ...back to my only love Roberto (father of Dhadhai) ... I came here last january 20 and start a new life ...and I am VERY happy ..... and have one cat girl Cleo and a little strait dog called Zeca ... and already lost... no... eliminate 20kg now only controlling my mouth, can you believe that? Love is a powerful tool!!

Pelin Tezer said...

Hey SATO, very happy to hear from you. Often think of you. Please e-mail me, I do not have your recent address. Mine is still the same. Lots of love. Please do not wait long :)