Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have not seen this done before ... It is weaving, infact re-weaving without a loom ... It is needle weaving. Just the thread, the needle and a thickly woven fabric, something like evenweave. My inspiration comes from darning.

A few pictures to give the idea ... I have cut a 15 cm square fabric. Pulled out one, only one warp or weft thread. Re-weaved the gap with variegated thread. In this case DMC Coton Perle and # 5 and Watercolours by Caron Collection ... Once the re-weaving is done, pulled out the next thread beside, re-weave ... This really is a stress-relief. Plus no need to follow a graph. Take it anywhere or do it while watching tv.  Shall be giving it a try with silk too :)

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