Friday, January 22, 2010

It's been raining since last night ... And I had a wonderful walk for an hour, with the rain :)

Our territory's exit is through a water course which runs with heavy rain and today it is one of those days that if we have not moved the car across, we are stuck :) However, well equipped ... We both have the fishing waders that we use if we need to cross the running stream. The highest depth gets up to max 1 m (about 39 inches). And even I, with my very short size, manage to reach the next territory with success :) Somehow they only sell the men size and the waders start at foot size 41. I am 36 ... So before waring them, I put real thick wool socks on to cover the gap :) Next step is to wear something over to keep me warm and on top, nylon poncho to keep me dry. Then here I am like a rambo caricature :)

Today was not as bad but pictures below are from the rain two weeks ago! This only happens two or three times a year, so we usually are OK driving in and out :) Below is the stream neighbouring our territory.

Our dogs all puzzled with the surrounding water! This is a first since the over six years that we've been living here.

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