Thursday, January 21, 2010

We do not have much choices here other than DMC and Anchor. These two companies are the dominant distributors in Turkey and the national embroiderers do not get to learn of the other brands and their products. Among those that are not available in this country, the Caron Collection is my favourate. I was able to get some during my visit to Holland last year and about a week ago, got some from UK and USA. Looking forward to receiving them from the US, below are the eleven wonders I recently received :)

I took my camera to repairs this morning and was very happy to learn that it is a minor problem. So I did not even have to wait. The gentleman there, just sprayed something on the switch and miracle ... It started working :)

I also went to a beadshop not far from where I parked and got some big wooden beads to make my beaded beads and mother-of-pearl buttons to use with my Grün ist die Hoffnung. Did not get much of a chance to work with it though.

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sylvie said...

I love Caron's silk too !