Monday, January 18, 2010

My dear digital camera is not working any more :( The recent pictures are taken with hubby's camera and I am not as happy with the results as mine. I believe it is something that could be fixed by someone who knows what he's doing. Shall need to take it to the repairs sometime very soon ...

I love hot hot peppers ... Red or green, I love them! I use them with almost all my meals (accept breakfast). That is why I always keep buying even if I have enough stock at home. Here is a group of my dried and crushed red peppers :)

The very far left jar is from Urfa, a town in South-eastern Turkey and is called "isot". These are considered to be the best. The colour is almost black made from a special regional pepper but not enough hot to my taste. The second left is commercial and is not hot either. The third is from a local farmer who raised and dried them himself. Once they process the dried peppers, I hear they add oil to extend durability. The forth one, believe it or not, is from Sweden and is called "chili explosion" and does not deserve the name. And finally, the very far right is crushed in blender by myself and chiliest and yummiest of all. I have been drying the peppers since early September and was hoping to crumble them but they still are not enough dry to be able to do that. So comes to help; the technology :)

Then I have this Cajun Seasoning from Louisiana ... Nice paprika hot taste but too salty!

I also pickle the peppers and not many brave men can possibly eat them.

Last autumn I also pickled unripe melons. And they turned out yummy :)

And some nice pictures from a pickle stand in a local market in Istanbul, Tuzla.

I am wondering if you are drooling while looking at these pictures :)

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