Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Though quite cold, wonderful day today ... A snapshot from our patio ... My flu is losing its strength but is now trying to seduce my dear husband who is still trying to recover from his surgery after breaking his leg from four points (early November last year). Still on crutches and needs another full month to be back to normal.

I am determined to madly work on my Grün ist die Hoffnung and complete it soon. It really is not pleasant to have WIPs lying around :) If I exclude the one on needles now, there are four more squares to knit and then will have to find a nice edging for the final touch.

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Lisa said...

J'aime beaucoup votre plaid!
Excusez-moi, vous joindrez les carrés pendant les tricotant, vous ne les joindrez après avoir terminé tous? Je prends part dans le GAAA, nous tricotons chaque carré séparé et puis on doit les joindre. Je préfère votre version!
Pourriez vous me dire où je puisse trouver les explications? Ou bien m'envoyer les explications pour un carré? Je suis Autrichienne, je n'ai pas accès aux magazines francais.