Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Those who peaked into previous posts in this blog may remember seeing the ginger biscuit recipe. Don't let me fool you ... I am not a cook forget a "good cook" ... I am somehow trigerred at times to try a couple recipes if the ingredients are available at home (and if the measures are not like a math problem) for that particular moment. And yes, the ginger biscuit recipe is one of them. However, sometimes the "comme il faut" woman in me; the one single cell of a "good cook" nature if any, sometimes activates and I am very brave to make inventions :) I used the ginger biscuit recipe for a taste I've been longing for. Tahini cookies ... Tahin is the sesame seed paste with its oil ... I do not know how much it is known to the western world but a very common ingredient for the Middle-Eastern dishes. A very traditional dessert in Turkey eaten with bread when mixed with molasses. Something like the peanut butter spread over bread but you dip the bread into the mix with this one ... Straight to the point :) Perfect for frosty cold climate of the Anatolian steppes in winter! OK ... Back to my invention which turned out to be delicious :) And I found the taste I've been longing for ... If you want to give it a try, just refer to the ginger biscuit recipe and simply substitute shortening with tahini and remove ginger, cinnamon and cinnamon sugar. Spread some sesame seeds on top as an alternative.

The mixture of tahini and egg ... A spectacular view ... Looks like marbling art!


Walfrida said...

yam yam !!!! Delicious!!! I want a piece !!!! :-)

Christa2712 said...

Tahin in french is "purée de sesame" and is made of crushed sesame seeds.It's particularely appreciated in vegaetarian cooking.I'm not vegetarian but I love sesame seeds.

Kind regards - Christa