Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pumpky Way ...

I love the aesthetic of a pumpkin ... I love pumpkin pie too but that is not what I will share today.

Our galaxy is the Milky Way ...
But then, there's also a Pumpky Way :)

We sometimes like to drive around the Bodrum peninsula with short daily trips. Last October, we made a repeat trip to Herakleia (Latmus) again for the day to breath the ancient air once more and stuff ourselves with primitive but delicious country lunch heading back home ... After all the fresh air, exercise and the meal that I usually exaggerate, I cannot help but snooze! Well ... This time was different cause something exceptional was there to keep me wide awake ... The pumpky-way as I call it ... I am sharing all the pictures, I cannot leave any out ... They all are beautiful! And the colours ... Mnyam :)


And these are from my first trip to the patchwork workshop a few weeks ago, not far from home. They were in the neighbouring garden :)

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The Knit Box said...

Wow! These photos (and pumpkins) are much, much better than the ones Martha Stewart takes of her garden : )))