Sunday, April 04, 2010

A longing to perpetuate the neglected tradition!

Dibeklihan is a recently built little village with its agora to promote handcrafts, art and architecture. It is built on a private property by the owners, Gülay & Cenap Tezer. Surely, it is a privilege to be relatives to this valuable couple but alas, we have no connection - pure coincidence! Now the pictures ... They say more than any word can :) Again some snapshots from the way I see with my motto; BEAUTY IS HIDDEN IN DETAILS :) More pictures in their webpage.

Antique Shop


Ceramic Shop


Scarves, Embroideries, Silk et cetera

The founders Gülay & Cenap Tezer

Oh, by the way ... I lived five years at Yaka,
the little town right across Dibeklihan!

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Lavanta Bahçesi said...

yaz tatilimizin son günü araba kiralayıp görmeye gittiğimiz ama kapalı olduğu saatlere denk getirmeyi başardığımız mekan :)