Monday, April 05, 2010

The symbol of prosperity and fertility


( as we call in Turkish ~ from Farsi )

Apple of Grenada, նուռ, Pomegranade, 石榴, Granatäpple
अनार, Punica Granatum, Granado, רמון
ザクロ, Granatapfel, Melograno
гранат, Grenadier, رمان
ρόδι, etc.

While at Dibeklihan yesterday, did spot some beautiful jewelry at their Bijouterie which inspired me for this post today :)

Found a wonderful needlelace necklace
for myself from the same shop :)

Dried baby pomegranates from our garden
which had not survived the strong winds last summer!

A carved wood pomegranade over our entrance door :)

And could not resist to add this wonderful embroidery by


Lavanta Bahçesi said...

hepsine bayıldım :)
kolyen harika ;)

evcilik said...

çok hoş resimler ve sanat eserleri....
ayrıca Side'nin sembolüdür nar,heryerde nar ağaçları varmış eskiden.

Hélène H said...

Oh how gorgeous !