Friday, May 14, 2010

A small darning sampler ... Came with a tag that reads : Anna Müller - Pansfelde i. H.

Looked for Pansfelde and it is a small village that was first documented in 1276, mentioned under the name "Pamesvelde. The history of the village and its inhabitants are closely connected with the Castle Falkenstein. The ancestors of today's approximately 570 residents served at the castle they were defending, were working as agricultural and forestry workers or in the mills and in the hunt.

Burg Falkestein is said to be one of the most beautiful castles in the Harz region, located high above the Selke valley and nestled in ancient oak forests.

Falkenstein stands above the Selke valley. No other castle in the Harz region is so well preserved. The Konradsburg Counts began construction work in 1120. Eicke von Repgow wrote the "Sachsenspiegel" - the oldest collection of German law - here around 1230.

While searching for Pansfelde, found this picture in one of the links. Considering the low population of the town, Anna Müller most likely lived under one of these roofs in sight.

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Anonymous said...

These samplers are beautiful!
And your blog is fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing. I came via Spiritcloth.