Sunday, June 27, 2010


Another lazy day ... The heat is back after a few nice cool days!

I like the lacy edgings ... I have loads of lace weight yarn in my stash but still keep stockpiling. A new arrival yesterday is from the US. Coton Floche for embroidery but I shall probably use them for the nice knitted lacy cotton edging. Their accomplice will be size 1.5 needles ... The seller told me that they are from 1920. I do not know if that really is the case but they were very reasonably priced; very hard to ignore and resist. Each ninety nine-meters and thirty-four of them in their original box!

Now, I need to decide what pattern to use. Among many wonderful samples, I keep clinging on my Estonian Lace by Nancy Bush. And use little pearl beads instead of the nupps!


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