Friday, June 04, 2010




carmel said...

dear pelin
long before all this has happend, I loved your work.
and a monthe ago i found your blog and i was so happy. you are invited to my blog to see how i used some of your free cross stitch charts.
ever since our contry's started fighting i thought about you, one of my favorite artists.
but i would like to respond to this post:
gaza is ruled by hamas. hamas is a terrorist group. why should my country open the blockege? so terrorist will keap on entering israel killing us and raping our kids? jewish people have lived here, in israel 1000's years ago- ask archeologist's. but since 1948 when the UN declared us as a jewish state the erabs could not let us live in peace. not only that they have so much land! they want our land to! we dont teach our children to hate erabs. but erabs grow up here in israel with such hatred for us from a very yung age!
do you think that we want or need all these terrorists disguised as "peace lovers"? they are more then invited to leave this country and try to live in peace around us.
if you read history you would know that the jewish have been hunted down by erabs in this area for a very long time! thats why my grandma arrieved here from syria when she was a baby.
i dont think that most erabs know why they realy hate us. its just a hate that grows and pass from generation to generation.
and i can promiss you that when israel wont be under constent terrorist atacks they will open the blockege.
i am sorry for the people suffering there. but insted of blaiming they should take responsibility on there actions for once.
and about the raid: there is no country that will let a unauthorized ship in there border. any country would have gon on the ship and check and serch for weapon's or drugg's
but on that ship there were people that came in violence. not in peace.
i think that all of the hate that is pointed to israel is out of pure
ignorance and incitement.

but pelin- i dont hate you
i dont hate erabs
i wish that who ever hates would just do a proper reserch about the subject before taking sids

you are invited to my blog to see some pictures of my work and some pictures of israel
my grandfather is half turkish by the way. he speaks ladino


carmel said...

by the way, this is what needs to be investigated:

the truth on the ship!

Pelin Tezer said...

Dear Carmel,

I am sorry to have disappointed you. Even though the act is inhumane, I always consider that we, the citizens of the countries involved, could well be exposed to bias information and I chose to remain silent until I received the urge from ( who are a global community. I have some wonderful Israeli and Jewish friends from various countries and I hate to upset them too through this international opinion. However, you may wish to follow the international news and see it for yourself that the whole world - and interestingly enough that excludes some major Arab countries - are performing protests and sanctions against this raid and Israel. Among these protests are also some deputies of the Israeli government. You may also wish to understand that the flotilla was heading towards Egypt and was sailing in the international waters when attacked.
I very well understand your reaction and hope that it is a temporary discomfort ... Sometimes shame is so strong that we, the nicer people, look for consolation!
Hope you will continue visiting my blog and enjoy stitching my designs ... L'Chaim!