Thursday, June 03, 2010


Going through my files, I found the picture of a very simple darning that I had improvised last year in March. My very first little "darling darning" sampler :)

It was the time that my interest had just flourished and I was quite desperate not to have enough source then. Now, I see that I have accumulated enough to be able to compose my own darning star ...

By the way, I have finished the recent darning project last night but shall release the picture once I have the charting/instructions ready.


Halina said...

Dear Pelin,

your darning sampler is wonderfull !!
And your collection grows and grows.
Admirable !!!
Kisses from Germany

Tomurcuk Goksin said...

Canım benim, bu ne kadar nefis ve mikemmel bir eser olmuş. Ellerine saglık. Vallahi yarım yarım yarıldım. Öpsss