Friday, February 18, 2011


L'aiguille en fête

I was there for the first time this year ... It appears there is a theme every year and lace was to be the craze for 2011 as the poster suggests : La Folie Dentelle

Surely, for someone who goes there for the first time especially triggered by the topic "lace mania", I was a bit disappointed. There were not much lace to my astonishment. The show was somehow similar to its genre. Nevertheless, I am very pleased with my visit and delighted to meet wonderful people.

Surely, staying in Paris 16ème for almost eight days in an apartment fully furnished, was the bonus :)

I shall be posting more on the show ... A bientôt!

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celle qui rêve said...

Oh, mais tu as fait un véritable reportage sur l'AEF ! J'ai raté tout ça, mais je me console en brodant encore et encore ;o))