Saturday, February 19, 2011

My rep in the US, and a good friend Lisa of Frenchneedle is also the US distributor of Rouge du Rhin who had a stand and were very kind to provide me with an entry to the show l'aiguille en fete ... The first day was packed with people and I would not be wrong if I said thousands of them ... The fastest speed one could walk around and between the lanes was the speed of a penguen swinging left & right.

Luckily, I made another visit to the show and comfortably had a chance to breath and enjoy all the wonderful art on display. As mentioned earlier, I was a bit disappointed that though lace was to be the hit of the show, it wasn't at all, grace to two Belgian lace companies who had some wonderful antique lace exhibited in their stands.

Anyone into cross stitch would know the brand Rouge du Rhin but if you are not familiar, please do not miss to see the wonderful collection by Marianne & Marie at their webpage.


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