Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Frequent visitors of this blog may remember the project for the adorable powder pink yarn in my stash. On and off, I have been working on it and want to show you how it looks like so far.

As could be observed in the pictures, I have knitted all the front and back pieces together in one and divided it to three when reached the arm pits. The cuffs will be lacy again and rest, still to be planned :)

It probably is a dream of an intermediate knitter to knit a lacy shawl one day. I guess about time I give it a try with the Dane Shawl and make the dream come true. It appears to be simple and is a free download from Ravelry, designed by Jane Tanner.

If I am lucky, this is how it should look once finished :)



The Blissful Banter of a Creative Crafter said...

I cant concentrate past that lovely cat! lol its really beautiful and delicate looking. Lovely!

gazette94 said...

You are so talented with needles ! That pink yarn is terrific..How cute is your little cat !

celle qui reve said...

Pelin, je suis tellement désolée. Je continue à te rendre visite très régulièrement. But because of censorship I cannot comment on your posts. Now I'm at office, but I not often have time to surf on the web during working hours.