Friday, February 27, 2015

Next project is to complete the Mexican Lace scarf which was also started last year. Unfortunately, the powder pink yarn did not make it again for the second time. The first project was a complex one that I had designed myself but unraveled when it was about to finish when I found a loose stitch on one of the sides :(

Before I forget, this was also started some time in August last year and finally got completed a couple weeks ago; happily residing in one of the drawers :) The yarn is organic cotton (color 41115 - Susan) and I very much enjoyed knitting it.

It is a difficult color to capture with the camera. The photos above are very close. It is like DMC 500. The picture below is to show the stitch pattern (double moss), does not reflect the right color. Neckline is crab stitch (crochet).

Update October 2015 ... The neckline is a beautiful crochet technique but not suitable for this sweater. I decided to change and am happier now :) 


Ginkgo Biloba said...

Nice to see you again :-)))

Nurdan Kanber said...

Knitting projects you've shown within the last three posts of today, are just adorable!

But, honestly, you are still "no: 1" cross stitch designer for me!

Have a great weekend♥